From : The Star / Malaysia

Friday, April 5, 2002

Bank Pertanian sets up RM10m scheme for bumi poultry farmers

BANK Pertanian Malaysia has set aside at least RM10mil to help more bumiputras become contract poultry farmers with the help of Ayamas Food Corp Bhd and the Veterinary Services De-partment.

In a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, the three parties sig-ned a memorandum of understanding to help more bumiputra farmers use modern technology in their poultry farming.

It is expected that at least 11 contract farmers could be nurtured under the scheme. Farmers chosen for the scheme will be given loans of between RM-100,000 and RM1mil by Bank Pertanian, depending on the size of the farms.

The Veterinary Services De-partment will help Ayamas select suitable poultry farmers for the scheme as Ayamas will be the ready buyers for all chickens reared by these farmers.

The department will guide and train personnel. It will supervise their farms to ensure proper management, operation, adherence to health and maintaining high quality farm products.

According to Ayamas deputy executive cha-irman Datuk Ab-dullah Omar, the company will supply day-old hicks, poultry feed, advice and assistance on the construction of indoor system coops. Fees to the contract farmers will be paid based on the quality of chickens reared.

Abdullah said that the chickens, upon marketable age and the de-sired weight would be sent to the Ayamas plant in Port Klang, one of the largest and most modern poultry processing plants in the Asia-Pacific region, with the capacity to process up to 90,000 birds per day.

There are currently 34 contract farmers supplying about 2.3 million broilers to Ayamas per month. Per capita consumption of poultry in the country has in-creased steadily at 7.5% per year during the past decade.

Ayamas expects the production of chickens to reach as high as 3 million broilers within this year, especially with the participation of more poultry farmers under the scheme.